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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stinger stung

Fanchon Stinger, suspended and then unemployed news-reader, has
finally responded to all the speculation and analysis of her
involvement with companies tied to a suspicious sludge deal with the
City of Detroit.
It's never a good sign when one has to announce that they need more
time to respond to a situation, but she hasn't been charged with any
crime and it is not even sure that she violated any station or
journalistic rules.
However, it is always appearances that matter -- especially on TV and
in the news, and it certainly appears that something was funny.
Most notable to me, though, was that someone who is in the news
business, where speed is right behind accuracy, and who also has a
strategic public relations firm in her name has not been out in front
of this story.
She was unheard from for nearly a week and then it was only a press
I thought one of the first rules of the business was to get your side
out there as fast as possible. When that didn't happen, I had to wonder.


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