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Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer relief with cable

Following the meek amount of new material this spring, following the
lengthy writers' strike, television looks to pick up tonight with the
return of both "The Closer" and "Saving Grace" on TNT.
Nicole Robertson, an editor here at The Oakland Press, gave Saving
Grace a favorable review, calling it "a high-energy show" worth
watching because it is less about the procedure than the human heart.
I have yet to invest the time to watch it, saving it hopefully for a
run on Netflix. But I have enjoyed the first three seasons of "The
Closer," in which Kyra Sedgewick plays a delightful investigator who
enjoys nothing more than pulling the awful truth from the souls of
society's worst.
A blend of humor and solid police procedural as well as mood and wit,
"The Closer" has never let down, particularly because of the
shortened seasons, which feature only dozen or so episodes.
Having fizzled on "Lost," this has been a favorite show in my
household, making TNT a must watch on Monday nights.
And with the soon-to-return "Monk," my summer looks to be more like


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