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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Big radio debut

Dave and Chuck "the Freak" started this morning on WRIF-101.1-FM in grand fashion.

They took the high road, apologizing for something they didn't have to apologize for and sharing much appreciation for fans of their 89-X show as well as to fans of Drew and Mike, the pair they replaced. They praised Mike Clark and Drew Lane, apologizing if a Detroit Free Press photo that accompanied the story about them offended Drew and Mike fans. (The photo showed them cleaning the studio they have taken over.)

I don't understand why they should apologize, but that is what the high road is all about, apologizing if others perceive something that was unintended, and frankly, not even there.

I don't understand what people could read into such a photo, but it's clear longtime fans of Drew and Mike are angry that their tastes have been passed by and relegated to the oldies heap.

Like a good sports team looking ahead for a strong quarterback or pitcher of the future, WRIF seemed to make the right move, bringing in the hotter duo instead of being stuck with someone who would eventually struggle to make the playoffs, require lengthier stints on the DL or IR, and cost much more as they earn less and less.

I don' t listen much for morning radio, but change is good, even when it means saying goodbye to a long, longtime partner. But everyone moves on. And Dave and Chuck and Lisa started out strongly and with class, based on the parts I heard. They were gracious and appreciative, and as much as a few fans dismay at the change, it seems like the masses (what's left of that group, considering the fractured audience with all of today's many options) will be following them.


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