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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New child pornographers? Think before you share!

It was a rather natural reaction really, revenge when learning her boyfriend had cheated on her.

It's a story out of Minnesota, reported here out of a Fox TV station, and it's a lesson many could use.

The 21-year-old woman did what many suspicous partners or spouses do, she snooped a little as she suspected her boyfriend had cheated. He had, the story reports, and he made it easy to be found out — he had video recorded both him and his brother having oral sex with a pair of 17-year-old girls in a motel room.

The girlfriend chose, as many do, a public confrontation and accomplished this by posting the video onto a social media site, Facebook, something not everybody would think of.

Police and prosecutors eventually noticed after other people told the girls on FB what they had seen.

Now the 28-year-old boyfriend is charged with a felony — not for the sex as 17 is old enough, but for the video as now 17 is not old enough. It's using a minor in pornography, police say.

Also, the angry girlfriend now should be kicking herself for she, too, is charged with a crime — dissemination and possession of pornographic work involving minors.

Again, these were somewhat natural reaction people now have: videotaping stuff and sharing to social media. These are not the traditional child pornographers that we think of, but their actions may fit under child pornography laws.

Think before you click 'record' and think again before you click 'send.'
What do you think?

More details about the case are here.

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