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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Nice cover to the today, where they showed what they really think of Lance Armstrong now that he has joined the rest of the world to acknowledge his doping. "Liestrong."

Yes, everything associated with this 'man' is tainted.

And I believe you do not deserve forgiveness from the public when you admit something only after becoming the last person on earth to maintain the lie. Once everyone knows, you can't come clean. No point. We know it. We know you know it. Don't come groveling now.

Armstrong is a fraud. Everything about him is a fraud, to have lied so continuously and so intensely and to label so many others as having lied about you. That is a huge smear. What balls! Sorry for the terrible pun.

And one more thing... Does Oprah Winfrey have some special role as the chief American caller out of bullshit? If so, she should be doing so earlier. Nice job, though, for the madam of daytime talk to scoop '60 Minutes.' However, I must wonder if he went with Oprah because of potential to get sympathy and some restraint she may show that he may not get from the news magazine.

And here's my favorite comment about Sir Lies aLot, from @patcaputo 98 or simply Pat Caputo, sports columnist:
Lance Armstrong a classic case of cheaters in sports. Lie, lie, lie until caught; then cry, cry, cry.

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