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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Guns in headlines

This story might attract some attention, considering the recent battle over guns following the Sandy Hook shootings that left so many children dead.

The Miami Herald reports out of South Florida that in two different cases, suspected armed robbers were gunned down by potential victims.

Now,  it's common for people both sides of the political aisle to use news stories to bolster political claims and these stories may soon make big headlines.

The first case involved an employee of an Exxon in Hollywood shooting one of two armed robbery suspects, police reported. The one suspect shot ended up dead, and police later found and picked up the second suspect.

The second case was out the northeast Miami-Dade area, where a resident shot someone who was trying to rob him.

There was no immediate word if the guns used were legally owned and carried, but already the headline is big, being posted on

The story is to be updated by the paper.

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