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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Obamacare and cheap food

It seems like some business leaders are publicly appealing to government leaders about Obamacare - or affordable but mandated health care - by making their low-wage employees pay.
This is quite the gamble, as there are so many options with how to spend your food dollars, options that include not going out and eating cheaper and healthier at home (which would drive down national health care costs!). But we Americans love our pizza; some even like or at least tolerate Denny's.
So the Papa John's CEO promises to cut hours to avoid health care.  Guess what, buddy, there's lots of pizza places. It'll be easy for some so inclined to avoid that chain.
Same goes for Denny's, which now has a franchise owner in Florida promising to cut hours and, more importantly, putting a surcharge on the bill so patrons know the price hike is for health care.
I love his quote. He says if they, the customers, want to give a smaller tip due to the surcharge, that's fine. So now, he says, his employees will have to find a second job.
His good employees will find better paying jobs. He will be stuck with the less talented employees and customers will notice.
Again, there are lots of places to eat. And though right-leaning customers will like what he's done, they won't want to pay more. Remember, they hate even paying taxes.



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