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Friday, February 10, 2012

GOP: To spend or not to spend

Pete Hoekstra vows to not spend it. Sounds like he'll shut the govt down and stop all spending. OK, that's fine, except I'll miss the roads. (But living in Michigan, I could get used to unkept roadways.)

But fellow GOPer Candice Miller vows to keep the A-10s at her county's Selfridge Air Force base, saying the cuts by the federal government (in trying to reduce the debt) are "unfounded, unfair and economically indefensible."

Hmmmm. Wonder what Hoekstra would say to her?

And it makes me wonder how she votes when it comes to the national debt ceiling. I'm guess she sticks with her party. Spending is bad...unless it is in her district.

That flushing sound I hear?


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