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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ok, perhaps a cell phone isn't too outrageous for a 7 year old

She's known as the Human Barbie, so this shouldn't surprise anyone.

Yet, there is still a shock value in hearing that Sarah Burge gave her young daughter, Poppy, an $11,000 voucher so one day she could get liposuction, according to a report in the It's all part of making her daughter's dreams come true, she said.

Read the Closer here.

Read the Huffington Post piece here.

Burge knows some think this gift is inappropriate, but she defended her decision in an interview with the UK tabloid, Closer, saying: "She asks for surgery all the time. She wants to look good and liposuction is one of those procedures that will always come in handy."

Wow. I have a 7-year-old daughter. I guess this makes it easier to get her that cell phone.

Oh and if you think this gift is going too far. The mom, who is known as a surgery addict herself, has already bought her daughter a new set of boobs, with a voucher for breast augmentation that can be redeemed when she turns 18 - if she wants the new pair.

I wonder, is there a place for the state to step in? Is she setting her daughter up to hate her looks? I always hesitate to bring in the state in parenting issues, but this seems so extreme. The daughter is a believer, happy to be able to change herself if she's not happy.


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