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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The other American football

Politics. Is it too late for Christie to join up after all?

All of 2011 seemed geared towards 2012 and here we are. Mayans be damned (I hope).

No surprise that Romney fared well, but Rick Santorum came out of nowhere, except, this was the first vote so it's not fair to say out of nowhere. You can't count the polls.

With Michele Bachmann out and Herman Cain blasted out of the water, it's back to a good old boys club with Newt and Perry continuing onward. I wonder if Huntsman is hanging on for a long haul and a surprise win or two to pit him as a third once the 'real' conservative is anointed.

However, I will still say that this collection of loose nuts and screwballs (as they seem at times) will not be able to beat the most unpopular president in a long long time. Both Bushes actually seemed better liked personally than Obama near the end of their first terms, even though H.W. ended up losing in 1992.

I don't know if it will be a conservative or a polished politician (Romney), but a Romney-Obama matchup is like a Packers-Saints match up in the NFL, a good looking offensive show. I don't think Romney can out-Obama Obama. Plus, Obama's been consistent.


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