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Friday, January 13, 2012

Fake penis leads to termination, lawsuit

This is not about a drug test.

This one was weird, but just shows how the world is filled with different people.

According to a report out of the Philadelphia Daily News, a Pennsylvania woman is suing her former employer — a frozen pop maker — because she feels they fired her for wearing a fake penis to work.


She had told people she was wearing it, explaining that she was considering a sex change, according to the report's review of the lawsuit. She also said a man had been allowed to wear some women's clothes as he also took hormones; he was not fired.

Ok, I admit, when I first saw the headline, I thought this had to do with beating a drug test, and I'd love to see the woman take the jar, head to the toilet and stand there and fill up the sample. But this sounds like a social and gender issue, something more medical and psychological.

However, men are not allowed to talk about their penises at work, something I believe is appropriate. In fact, it's wrong, I believe, to even reference anything to do with your junk, and that is where she seems to have erred. She said the fake penis was concealed, yet people knew about it. She's learning about the complications that come with one of those.

Again, read more details here at

What do you think? Was she wrongfully targeted just for her different lifestyle? Or is she just seeking an easy payday?


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