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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Butt cocaine?

Keep in mind, this scenario was dreamed up in the back of the police car, but it's a shocking situation out of South Carolina, reported on in the

With one brother holiding the cocaine and facing another "strike," meaning a possible life sentence, he looked for a way out. His younger brother agreed.

So after the two brothers had been handcuffed and locked in the back of a police car in November after a traffic stop. The younger brother leaned over and consumed the cocaine that his brother pulled out of his hiding spot, within his buttocks.

The problem? It was an ounce of cocaine and proved deadly for the 20-year-old who was trying to save his brother a lengthy prison sentence. Now the 23 year old faces involuntary manslaughter charges.

In Michigan, a new law — delivery of narcotics causing death — is about the same as a second-degree murder conviction, meaning they can get up to life in prison.

Read more details of this case here.


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