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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NBA, just give up on the year

There's been a couple significant instances of 'big news' coming out due to the NBA lockout, such as the cancellation of the preseason, or games into the regular season.

It's not breaking news; it's expected.

Breaking news about the NBA would be if there's a resolution and any part of the season is played. Of course this thing is going to last. There's no group of people, I think, more out of touch with regular folks than players in the NBA. These guys can't even relate to NFL offensive linemen, who share with them the classification of professional athlete.

And in the fight between millionaires and billionaires, no one making less than $200,000 a year has any sympathy for either side. (I have to think where ESPN stands in this, having brought the NBA into its fold at the expense of hockey, the NHL, which underwent its own de-fanification.)

No sport is as obnoxious about its wealth, its posturing and its out-of-touch views than the NBA, so I say let them cancel the year, let's let this go into the following season and let's see how few people actually miss it. The whines from players over the years has increased to the point of it being unreal how clueless these guys are. They've ruined the golden egg, the one sport with no masks, the best face time, and absolute most money to share (with only 12 players per team, versus say the NFL and their massive rosters).

As the more evident it becomes that people don't miss the NBA, both sides will have to continuously lower their demands, and we can lose these $20 million-a-year guaranteed salaries for people who don't contribute that much.

Baseball has high salaries, yes, and the Yankees abuse the system, it seems, but no one has seemingly been as arrogant and greedy as NBA players.

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