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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nuts from the same jar

I've recently seen clips of interviews of two sets of parents, both of them so fascinating because of their insistence in believing their child-killing children.
Of course, one is Dr. Phil's interview of Casey Anthony's parents, which have been replayed in parts by Drew and Mike on WRIF, 101-fm.
But even worse, or more outrageously entertaining, are the parents of John Skelton, the man who is being sentenced today for unlawful imprisonment, the charge he pleaded to in exchange for prosecutors dropping a charge of parental kidnapping of his sons. The three boys are presumed dead, having gone missing a year ago.
My, what parents will go through to believe their child is not a monster. Great interview by Seven's Tom Wait, especially getting their explanation of why Skelton has searched for "neck breaking" on the internet (2 min. in):

Skelton's story of delivering the three to a secret organization is laughable. It's too bad no evidence has been found yet to provide some closure to this case, and more importantly, to charge someone with a crime.
Kudos to Channel 7, WXYZ-TV, for tracking the grandparents down at an airport as they arrived into town for the sentencing of their adult son. This story is just too odd to believe his account, and I don't know how his parents can.
And here's an interview with the suspect's pastor:

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