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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

OPINION: Readers sound off on Kwame, Jalen Rose and the debt ceiling

You had plenty to say about the news yesterday. Here's a sampling of what you think, taken from comments on our online stories, from Facebook and from Twitter:
- S4Hubbard on Twitter: "Kwame's out of the joint & on his way to TX. Unfortunately the courts will force him to come back re: racketeering & corruption. Good-bye."
- rachelk on our editorial about apathetic voters: "We should let our voices be heard when election time comes and even in between, like when the person we elected disappoints us. Last night we caught a glimpse of what democracy is all about when Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, in the midst of intensive rehabilitation for the head wounds she sustained, took the difficult journey to D.C. to make sure that she can vote. Yes, each vote counts. I recall how we in West Bloomfield voted en masse for the renewal of our public library and because of that collective effort our library continues to serve us and brought us much pride when it received a national award. Don't forget how fortunate we are to live in a Democracy, I sure don't."
- cookiepro, commenting on the story about the Troy library vote: "I don't understand the big deal that the anti-tax extremists are stirring up. Obviously, the Troy Library needs to be taken out of the equation by giving it separate funding."
- Dave Lambert on Facebook, where we asked for prediction on the Troy library vote: "Hard to predict. Most Troy voters love the library but distrust government at all levels. Whichever feeling is uppermost in the mind of the voter when he/she enters the polling place will probably determine the outcome."
- Cougar, commenting on our story about the jailing of the former U-M basketball star: "I can promise you Mr. (Jalen) Rose won't receive any more tickets for the next 20 days."
- Torch Harrison on Facebook about the debt ceiling being passed: "Mad. Boiling mad. And folks might not wait for the 2012 elections to show it."
- Dave Lewandowski on the same Facebook question: "I gave up paying attention what they are doing in DC anymore I just do my own thing and stay happy."
What do you think?
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