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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Amy Winehouse fun

Ok, it's not fun that she died, but when I saw the news cross that she had indeed passed on, I wondered about the recent stories about her tour cancellation following a debacle performance in Europe.

And like any good meltdown, it was YouTubed and I had a bit of fun using the youtube videos within stories about the show and subsequent call off of her planned tour.

I wondered, should I feel bad. In short, no, I don't. She knew — or should have known — what she was doing. When the world mocks you for your addiction, perhaps it's a sign you should watch out. She didn't. She lived in the limelight and stayed there, going to court, being hunted by the tabloids. So, though she was talented, she still was an addict who fed her addiction instead of seeking help, and she, like thousands others, died. Every week in Oakland County, one, two, sometimes a few, die of drug overdoses. Every week, a body is found by sheriff's deputies and the person is well known as having spent years or decades abusing alcohol and drugs.

Such a lifestyle is not going to help one keep on living, and she just burned out a bit quicker than most.

I still think the trainwreck videos are funny. Here's a sample from Belgrade:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear editor, your column on amy winehouse is good! But. There is reasons why people are like that these days! For example there is a non profit mental health agency in oakland county that hires employees that have been charged or convicted with such things as maintaining a drug house with children, felonious assault, drunk driving, endangering children, etc! They let them go through the all important hiring screening process with ease! Just because there smile and good looks, let alone with friends that are already hired there! Its to bad that the world is the way it is right now, but letting this happen is outragious and out of control! I feel sorry for the families that actually have loved ones that are getting the treatment from people that shouldn't be there! And the agencys that don't care!

August 2, 2011 at 9:18 AM 

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