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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

OPINION: Readers fed up with dangerous driving

After an accident in Waterford was caused by a wrong-way driver, we asked readers on our Facebook page to share examples of bad driving.
You had plenty of examples and thoughts to share:
- Pauline Schillo: I had someone go around 5 cars and me in the oncoming lane to go around, and that is just the beginning of the moronic moves.
- Vicki Jackson Brewer-Lambert: We were just discussing this recently. It seems that drivers no longer know what a double yellow line means!
- Debbie Engelhard Wagner: Don't understand it at all. Between passing in a no pass zone and tail-gating. Is it really that important to get to your destination a few seconds earlier?!
- Elizabeth Kelley Huff: Got to say - the DUMBEST thing I've ever seen was last year. My daughters and I were in the car when we noticed a man had missed the entrance to the store he wanted to go to and, instead of SAFELY turning around - this guy actually put his car into REVERSE on Rochester Road - in a 50 mile per hour speed zone at 1 p.m. on a Sunday! It was by the Grace of GOD that no one was killed that day!
- Hugh Gains: I was doing 55mph in a 45 mph zone on M-59, pickup truck passed both lanes of traffic in the center lane @ 75 mph+. Lets also not forget our wonderful citizens who REFUSE to use their turn signals, speed excessively, tailgate, talk on the phone and drift from lane to lane, go into a daze at red lights and sit through a green, and many, many more. The skills and courtesy of drivers has gone SERIOUSLY downhill over the last 10 years and surprisingly, its NOT the younger people that are to blame.
- Colleen Egan: Please don't drive like people from Ohio. The left lane on the highway is for passing — not for camping out with your cruise control set at 5mph over the speed limit while shaking your fist as people passing you on the right. Get out of that lane unless you are there to pass someone and move on.
- Emily Machelle Cramer: Yesterday a guy on a croch rocket speeding behind me, tried to cut between me and the car in the next line. He almost lost control of the bike and slowed down when he regained control. If he'd had skidded out I would have ran him over in my truck cause he was that close! n Christine Page: I have to pick ONE?? Every day I see people do the dumbest traffic maneuvers. Wake up... You are NOT the only car on the road and you are definitely not the most important. Pay attention & follow the rules!
What do you think?
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