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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Something STINKS in West Bloomfield Twp.

I think I've figured this out... maybe.
There is favoritism in West Bloomfield Township, which is no way to run a community. Everyone should be equal under the rules and if someone is allowed a little extra equality, well, trouble arises.
And once you're proven to be unfairly gaining from special access to the system, then nothing you can say about other benefits can really be believed. Integrity is an easy thing to surrender.
Why does something stink with Supervisor Michele Economou Ureste and her ride home by a police officer who pulled her husband over late on night (he got a ride home, too)?
Because at the first meeting when the public could comment, she started public comment by firmly warning that people only had 2 minutes to comment.
First up? Her husband and a multi-paged letter that took more than 6 minutes to read before the supervisor finally asked him to stop. Ouch. She knew he was first; she knew what he had to say; she had to know how long it took to read.
Yet she felt the need to state the firm time limit.
My rules do not apply to me. OUCH. No way to run a township, and I'm happy for the people who called her and her husband out as he continued to read his lengthy rant.
Whatever his blood alcohol content that night, that little glimpse into how things are in West Bloomfield is proof enough for me that some rules only apply some of the time.
The video can be found here.
Oh, and about the actual issue itself, the supervisor and her hubby (who sounds very snotty in his defensive tone, not helping their case, in fact, hurting it) continued to insist that she innocent of any wrongdoing.
Her husband used phrases such as "no facts, no wrong doing, never charged, no evidence" in showing that there is no proof that he had been drinking or was drunk. (The police report indicated that his preliminary breath test result was a 0.11 percent, but this is not admissible in court.)
He keeps saying all these things as to why they are innocent, but there was no investigation, no official inquiry, and THAT is the problem. The evidence was not collected, and it may have shown him sober. But the elected official and her husband got SPECIAL treatment, treatment that the rest of us do not get.
And with that time limit violation, they've proven their guilt in believing in special treatment for leadership. Americans do not like that, which is why the media does love these kinds of stories.
If only they had paid the slightest bit of attention to L. Brooks Patterson, who apologized, went to court, and submitted to a traffic violation. He did not hide behind denials, and he was forgiven.


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