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Friday, July 15, 2011


Negotiate means to fight for what you want, up against someone else who wants something different. By meeting and seeing what you can do and what they can do, you compromise.

In the end, a decision has to be made. Sure, there might be a winner and a loser, especially if people are drawing lines in the sand.

But I'm sick to death of the dragged out fights lately, thinking specifically of the NFL and the Debt Ceiling. Just figure it and go on from there, once your compromise is reached. Dragging it out and then losing only makes one look like a bigger loser.

If you have to give up something, say a tax hike, doing it early and being proactive is better than caving at the last minute.

Just do what you're hired to do... lead.

As for the NFL, it seems they let the lawyers have the lead role, meaning that these pricey hours of negotiations are necessary for the billing.

As for the political leaders, isn't there anything in the great nation that we can agree upon?


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