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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Readers react to Independence Township dustup

The story from Independence Township in Tuesday's paper seemed to be about a fight between a boss and an employee as well as about a baseball bat and workplace aggression.
But it all started with a tractor donated to the township's parks and recreation department in the 1970s and a policy about returning donated property the township receives.
Readers, though, saw the real point of the story within unions and local governments.
Here's a look at some of the comments posted on about this story about an employee filing a grievance about an alleged threat made with a baseball bat by Township Supervisor Dave Wagner.
n big Al: "This is priceless. Where else but in government would you be able to hire an investigator for not more than $1,000 to locate an old tractor probably worth not more than $100."
- wrobinso: "And you wonder why the Unions have no place in the workplace? This Supervisor should have been fired on the spot and arrested."
- waterfordmike: "If you have worked with union employees, you know the frustration of working with people who believe less work, more pay."
- GABBY12: "This goes to show just how out of control Independence township really is.... I, for one, am glad it made the papers. Too much is getting swept under the rug and the public never finds out about."
- rob neighborhood: "Open meetings, open government, open the books, open the back rooms, open the files, get to the truth. Somewhere in this collection of accounts lies the truth, and all these closed doors allow lies."
- Katie F.: "I hope The Oakland Press doesn't feel it was singled out by Mr. Wagner. He doesn't return any of our calls either."

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