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Friday, October 9, 2009

Rapist freed?

Many expressed anger at a homeless man being released from jail shortly after being accused of raping an 11-year-old.
However, I'm one who thinks maybe justice came slowly forĀ Calvin Bernard Meredith.
The story has nothing to do about the 48-year-old being homeless; rather, it's about evidence being needed for a conviction.
Believe me, a jury does not want to let a man accused of this kind of crime lose.
And prosecutors, I know, do not like letting go of a case without a stiff prison sentence.
But Meredith was tried already and the jury could not decide. It was a hung jury and a mistrial was declared.
Many have questioned the evidence and wonder if maybe he was identified as a suspect because of his situation.
Prosecutors don't easily go from seeking convictions on charges that carry up to life in prison to giving away high misdemeanors with time served sentences.
The fact that this happened and the inability of the first jury to convict points to perhaps Meredith was wrongfully accused.
I don't know; I wasn't there.
He did have a chance at a 5 year minimum sentence, which is pretty good, considering the charges he faced and the decades he was looking at potentially if convicted. He said no.
Maybe, they had the wrong guy. It's happened before.


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