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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ups and downs of a newsday

Today saw some ups and downs as stories crossed the wires from late
morning into the afternoon.
Early on, things look good and when the Dow Jones Industrials passed
briefly above the 10,000-point mark, it made for a great top headline.
But a couple of hours later, the top story had to become the update
of the state's unemployment rate, inching upward to 15.3 percent.
Meanwhile, family affairs also dominated the headlines today.
First, a mother in Huron Township was arraigned on murder charges in
the arson deaths of two of her three children, who perished when her
trailer caught fire and burned. It's not yet clear why she may have
done that but her initial reports that a soon-to-be-ex boyfriend may
have done appears to be a big misdirection. We'll see.
But in Detroit, a mother and son were working together, and according
to the prosecutor in Wayne County, it was on eliminating an enemy or
someone not liked. The mother is accused of driving son to scene
where he got out of car, grabbed a revolver and shot someone to
death. She's now charged with him for being driver and giving the gun.
According to the law, they are both equally responsible, no matter
who pulled the trigger. And if this is true, then they both deserve
to be locked away for life. It is, however, sad to see that the 15-
year-old suspect in that shooting case likely never had a chance at a
good life.


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