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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gun rights and misfires

OK, it didn't happen here but it happened.
Oxford and Auburn Hills were cities where gun-rights advocates hosts picnics to promote the carrying of guns in public.
Both parties went off without a hitch, though readers here at intensely debated the issue. One concern expressed was the misuse of a firearm at such an event (coming after some readers suggested to one another that they meet at once of these events to discuss differences of opinion.) Didn't happen, thank goodness, as I've seen it's easy to debate on a keyboard but too timeconsuming to do so in person (until I came across the Tea Party crowd and their counterparts).
But it did happen in the Grand Rapids area. 
Read the story here, but essentially, someone apparently accidently discharged their weapon at the party.
Too bad, because I'm betting this guy is embarrassed. He made his group look foolish, giving ammunition to the opposition. So the anti-gun people won't like him and his own crowd will disdain him for being an amateur. 
At least no one was hurt.


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