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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

NFL and their love-hate relationship with fans

They love it when fans love the league by spending money and they hate to give anything up without a cash-in-hand payment or marketing tie in.
Today, a story crossed the Associated Press wires, with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell explaining the challenge of avoiding blackouts as the season starts off shortly with Americans still stuck in this economic downturn.
All he could muster was that teams are trying to work hard to address the challenges.
Total BS.
How about the league give up the blackout policy, the one thing that makes me hate the NFL. I like football and I like watching football, but the NFL is one league where I will watch and root for injuries and chaos (like the Broncos/Charges game ruined by a bad call, ahhh that was fun to watch.)
The league makes billions off their TV deal and I can't watch a game on TV because the Lions are blacked out. Now, I understand that they want fans to spend $200 for a trip to the stadium if you want to see your local team.
But why black out the other games if you prefer not to spend money you don't have on a team that you have learned to despise?
Why punish us for simply liking football?
What a joke. I think I'll spend my Sundays raking my leaves this fall and watching my DVR'd Monk shows.


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