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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rich Rod, hard work and tears

All I thought when I first heard reports of possible misdeeds within in the University of Michigan football program was that this could not be a bad thing for the team.
I mean a tradition of not breaking rules and winning was being challenged by a report that the coaches were making the team work too hard.
In the court of public opinion, that will never be a bad thing, even if it is a violation of rules. Hard work is a strong American ethic. Whining with unattributed allegations is not.
But then the reaction to the allegations and subsequent investigation may have turned the public opinion. 
I mean, crying, come on, as I watched the press conference and saw the crying, I was shocked. I could hear the laughs all the way from Lansing. Oh my.
That will get played again, over and over. Infractions and a wimp factor.
Oh well. They better get to winning.


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