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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rossen rocks on NBC

Jeff Rossen is staying busy on NBC, doubling up today with a lead
report on the Boston Craiglist killer case and then a fine feature on
the apparent scams involving those annoying calls you get about your
car warranty.
The former Fox 2 reporter has moved up the ranks of reporters for
national news broadcasts and I like watching him work for NBC.
He also was a featured clip in Michael Moore's 'Bowling for
Columbine' film, which showcased the media reaction to the Buell
Elementary shooting near Flint, in which a kindergartner was shot in
her classroom. (The school was recently demolished, about a decade
after the shooting).
I've also seen Channel 7's Glenn Zimmerman in the background of some
of the Bernie Madoff reports from New York.
Glad to see the success of these guys, though it adds to the
impression that there is life and success after leaving Detroit.


Blogger Stephen Frye said...

Now he's all over the story about the lacrosse player accused of killing girlfriend lacrosse player. Such a shame, when domestic violence occurs and ends without a life-saving intervention. But the worst part is the defense lawyer claiming it was an accident.....what??? I meant to beat her up and didn't intend for her to die??? *#*(&#$(*^@#&

May 7, 2010 at 12:24 PM 

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