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Monday, April 6, 2009

Could Kwame have been right about one thing?

Perhaps His Honor was on to something.
An Associated PressĀ story today reports that the mayor Indianapolis was victimized by a pickpocket during the Final Four weekend.
The story notes that Greg Ballard did not have any body guards with him when he was robbed of his cell phone, taken during a ruse that had him trying to help someone on the ground and then surrounded by a couple other fellows. (He was visiting because his city hosts the next Final Four.)
Maybe Kwame Kilpatrick knew that walking the streets of his city required the protection of a dozen police officers acting as personal body guards.
Of course, was the the kind of guy to bend over and help someone in need? Or would he have to be lured by dropping a wallet (or a Blackberry) on the ground?


Anonymous edsornig said...

I don't believe that Kwane was right about anything. He like most benieve he was righteven though he was wrong. I think the only thing thathe cared about was himself. The man gets a six figure income because of his mothers position. That tells you a lot about the company who hired him.It appears that they aren't very trust worthy either. commen sense is in short supply today.

April 6, 2009 at 10:04 PM 

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