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Monday, April 27, 2009


Well, this one certainly takes the markets and economy off the front
pages, even as GM crumbles and Chrysler scrambles.
Swine flu.
I should resist, but I can't let it slide. One of the morning radio
show 'newscasters' had to ask who's rolling with the swines to get
this thing started. Ever hear of farmers? Maybe butchers?
We'll see if this turns into something real or is just a practice run
to show how unprepared we are, and we'll all be watching this story
and the local and national reactions to it.
But let's refrain from the idiocy.
On another note, the biggest shocker about this story was the images
from the Mexican football game played in an empty stadium. Soccer is
a big draw and for the game to be played in silence showed that south
of the border, this is a serious deal.
Not often that a 6.0-magnitude earthquake would be the secondary
story. Tough week in Mexico City; here's hoping it's just a small
deal with a big reaction.


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