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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Who cares?

Who cares said:

"I think we have all spent too much time and energy worrying about Kwame, Christine and their million dollar affair. It is over by keeping her in jail she is actually costing everyone of us more money. Let the woman go free and start over. Not taking sides either but he who is withiut sin cast the first stone."

This comment came from a reader, responding to the Christine Beatty story, or the update on Beatty from the continuing saga of Kwame Kilpatrict, Detroit's ousted and disgraced mayor.

Lately, there are several stories that tire me. Cobo is one, only because I wish they'd stop talking about raising taxes to fix/improve Cobo when the Detroit water system could use a billion dollar fix up as well. Every time TV news reports a water main break, I wonder why they don't jump to a Cobo story and ask the question, which one's repair would more widely impact the region.

Of course, the back and forth between the surrounding counties (led by L. Brooks) and the Detroit City Council makes for entertaining news, it's frustrating that the issue gets overtaken by old racial stances and longtime political battles.

Also, the mother of the octuplets is getting tiresome. That's just depressing because it's turned into one of those stories that cable and morning TV follow religiously just so that people can be outraged and pile onto the woman. Don't really care about her and what she's enduring, and I really don't care about the public versus private funding thing, as many public expenditures of money puzzle me, so I refuse to dwell on a single case. Now that Dr. Phil is on the case, when I see ads with her face, I feel fatigued.

(Even the AIG bonuses story is getting old; anger over one small piece of a giant puzzle is cute, considering these people are charged with fixing an entire company and they're piling onto a single expenditure. Maybe they should have scrapped any and all bailouts if they were going to be so sensitive about it; or, maybe they should have paid better attention at the beginning and taken their time to do it right.)

Other stories that are so old: Rush versus the world, the Silverdome (just demolish it please and give the property away to be developed, if you can't see fit to sell it), anything about Britney Spears or that crowd, Kwame and his shenanigans, and anything involving TMZ or Nancy Grace. Can you believe that they've yanked Anna Nicole Smith from the grave for a new round of legal battles? Oh my.

Now here are stories that I think are worth following: the economy, the markets, the state of newspapers and journalism, the use of the Internet to provide news, the Lions and Tigers, crime stories, terrorism, food safety, and skiing accidents.

Of course, news we like is directed by our interests, our careers and our personalities. I just get sick of the pack mentality that the media follows.

What stories are you sick of?


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