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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Animal heroics

Usually animals in the news is a sad event, abused or killed animals
suffering at the hands of humans. In fact, groups have been
protesting the use of elephants in circuses due to allegations of
chaining them up for days at a time.
But twice this week, stories emerged of animals helping their human
counterparts, both in the field of law enforcement. One was locally,
in Madison Heights, and the other came out of Germany.
In Madison Heights, a teenager was alerted to a burglar by her dog
barking. The dog — a boxer-bull terrier mix named Bear — had cornered
the intruder, a 6-foot-4 man who had entered through a back door and
already had his hands on a laptop when the dog realized what was
The man was frozen for a moment, hiding behind the door and using it
as a shield. He had to kick the dog to get away, but he fled empty-
handed. Unfortunately, the man got away — likely to victimize someone
But at least the two teenagers at home that morning did not have to
face the terror of a home invader alone.
This story is the one reason we do not mind my black Lab barking at
everything that walks by and everyone who dares ring the bell. It
just takes once for a tragedy, and this family was lucky.
In Berlin, it was not a family pet but a herd of wild boars who saved
the day, according to a story from The Associated Press.
A suspected car thief was hightailing it away from the scene of his
crime, followed by police. He ditched the stolen SUV and his
passenger in a field and successfully fled the arriving officers, who
arrested the passenger.
However, the suspect had to call for help of his own after he had run
into a wooded area. Officers followed the shouts and found their man
but first they had to save him — from a herd of angry boars.
Apparently, he had stumbled into a spot where they had their young
and the protective animals were not keen on the intrusion.
Saved from the upset animals, police then arrested the 18-year-old man.
Again, good news about animals is a nice change of pace.


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