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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sure enough, death toll climbs

As expected, the word leaking out of cyclone-ravaged Myanmar puts the
death toll at more than 22,000 with more than 41,000 other people
still missing, The Associated Press reported.
The damage to the nation, known also as Burma, and its people will be
long-lasting and devastating. Up to a million may be displaced, crops
have been destroyed, and the nation's strained political system — due
to a test with an upcoming election — could be forced into upheaval.
The headlines in this morning's papers had the death toll at 10,000,
after earlier reports put it at about 3,000.
But that is how it is when news travels slowly out of a country that
is half the world away. Plus, after disasters like this, it takes
time just to ascertain what the damage on the ground truly is.
Look at what happened in New Orleans.
In an age of perceived instant information, unfortunately sometimes
information cannot be obtained instantly. Once obtained, it can
travel the world in seconds or minutes. But it is still people taking
reports from other people.
That is why it is important for inspecting and then helping start
right away, something seemingly slowed by having to ask permission to
help — as had to be done with President Bush and the military junta
that rules Myanmar.


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