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Monday, July 29, 2013

Newspaper columnist waves his cane

Mitch Albom is sounding more old timely than usual, complaining about someone in Tennessee making a video of his wife's incredible fit and posting it to YouTube.

It's remarkable stuff, considering I have three young daughters and I've seen a few this bad. But this lady wants a cigarette and a trip to a lake.

Albom has some points to make about our society, youtube, a toilet, you know the gripe. Also, he seems interested in saving their marriage, a little bit of Dr. Phil leaking through. This, though, is what most shocked me: The column by someone posted on the comes with no link to the video let alone an embedded clip. For real.

Here is the video to watch. It's worth it, and more than 20,000 agree, at least with just this posted version:

And though I hate to promote such garbage and don't want to waste your time, here's a link to Mitch's gripe:

Read here.


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