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Monday, July 22, 2013

Awaiting a prince or princess

Yes, it's the big news of the day, and it seems alright.

I am often critical of news, especially the "Today" show on NBC, that so  goes crazy for everything royal, even American royalty like the Kardashians.

And I often wonder what it will take for the British to stop paying, or allowing the royal to keep, so much money and do away with the tradition.

Many comments on our web site and on social media slam the media for its fascination about the royal baby, due any minute now. But it really is something that happens infrequently, so it is news. Sure, there's plenty of hysteria, but for something that happens over generation, it's understandable and many people are interested.

The only game to guess should be gender, though I wonder what kind of celebrity baby this one will be, born into the world of Twitter, Facebook, Tout and Instagram. Can they shield the child from cult of celebrity and many failures that breeds?

I'd guess girl just because the dad comes from a pair of boys, which would make this more unique, the first I think of a girl who is automatically in line for the throne.

The shame would be to take a true tragedy and make that the second story due to the prince or princess holding the top slot, but today also seems like a slower news day.


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