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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dead people, going up, going down

No, I'm talking about going to heaven or hell, but it may seem like that.

Two stories today have dead people featured, and not the normal ones, tragedies in fatal accidents (we had one of those, with a nice couple killed on way home from a night out) and sad remembrances (our obituary pages filled up later in the week).

First up was a Russian man convicted of tax fraud or evasion, having whistle blown some dirty dealings and later being imprisoned and now convicted. Problem is, three years ago he died in prison. Is that a problem? I can see the state wanting to declare his assets stolen, but perhaps it's keeping his name in disgrace... especially if he really was a whistle blower.

But it goes to show that of the certainties in life, death and taxes, taxes are final.

And now there is this story, a man wins an election to become mayor. In Mexico, a town has a new mayor... kind of. He, too, is dead. Well, kinda dead. See, it turns out he is legally dead, having apparently faked his death to beat a sexual assault charge. So now, it appears he will lose his seat, either by being dead and unfit for office or being a fugitive from the law.

This follows the news of Mexico being now fatter than the U.S. Too bad for the small Mexican village, and it's much less heartwarming than the Minnesota town that just elected a 4-year-old boy to be mayor. 

Of course, these stories of dead people and new mayors were placed in the same section.


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