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Friday, June 21, 2013

Big day for big news

It's been a busy news day in Oakland County:

- Reportedly, three dead in a plane crash at Waterford's Oakland County International Airport in either a fire or a crash

- A West Bloomfield drowning, with the victim a grad of Detroit Country Day
- A home valued at $1.7 million burned in West Bloomfield Township

- A Pontiac teenager has been badly injured after hood surfing, police say

- We are learning new details about firing of OU women's basketball coach, with university saying it was with cause

- The Cipriano murder trial saw gruesome details as first responders testified about arriving at the home and nabbing suspect Mitchell Young as he tried to flee the home

  - And, perhaps the biggest local development of a brewing story, the Pontiac School Board has voted make the district's high school a charter school.


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