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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Why I do sympathize with TV reporters

Here are a couple of examples of why doing live television reports is never easy, one of them involving a reporter striking back with some tough questions.

First, here is a video of a female reporter offering a live update on the trade deadline for the English Premiere League soccer team Norwich City, wondering if a big move would be made. In the background, two men simulate sex, which apparently the reporter did not realize was going on. It's all good fun, I guess.

And here is the reporter from San Francisco trying to do a live report on New Orleans' Super Bowl fun and with the time difference, perhaps it's pretty late in The Big Easy. The drunken lady interrupts the report but that's OK, as the reporter switches gear and asks what everyone wants to talk about, not football but sexually transmitted diseases:

"How long have you had an STD?" asked the annoyed reporter, stopping the videobomber in her tracks.

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