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Friday, January 25, 2013

Ray Lewis, hero or goat

Well, to detractors, he's not a goat, but potentially a killer. Words like murder and coverup are used to describe Lewis' trip to watch the Super Bowl in Atlanta in 2000.

With the star linebacker's impending retirement and surprise return to the Super Bowl, the leader of the Baltimore Ravens is back in the headlines and columnists' scopes as he is lavished with praise for his on-field skills, his on-field leadership and his off-field charity work and positive lifestyle.

Not all are so impressed, bringing up the double murder charges (even if you don't stab someone, if you are there and part of an effort to conceal everyone's involvement, you are potentially vulnerable to top murder charges) as well as his marital status and offspring.

Lewis, in what was one of the biggest stories of that winter, saw his murder charges dismissed when he agreed to testify against two others. They were acquitted eventually, and he pleaded to a misdemeanor charge related to obstructing police. Many questions still are asked, especially about missing evidence (his clothes, which some insist were bloodied) and about the settled civil suit.

When he did win a Super Bowl, it wasn't Lewis going to Disney, his reputation still sullied. But now, with time passed and his staying with his team and being a positive leader (he doesn't whine about money, playing time, endorsements -- many of the things that sports fan are sick of athletes doing), it's his time to shine, maybe.

Maybe not, though, if enough complain publicly and enough bring up the past, such as USA Today.

I don't know what happened, but lying about an investigation, to me, indicates involvement. There are times to hope to stay hidden and there are times to step to the plate and be an adult and share what you know. A murder investigation is a time to be a man and responsible member of society. Likewise, many people believe 'snitching' is the greatest sin and that is deplorable behavior when lives are taken.

What I do know is that Lewis is a strange character, his emotionally charged behavior after games, almost like a traveling preacher being overtaken by the spirit. Very strange stuff. It makes good photos and good video, but that post-game interview was weird stuff.

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