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Monday, December 10, 2012

Roaring back

Yes, more evidence the economy is coming back. I'm not saying limping back, and may even be leaning towards roaring back. Likely, this is wishful thinking, at least here in Michigan.

But most of the news has been good. The unemployment number ticking downward was good, though mostly it's seasonal and impacted by leaving giving up the hunt for a job.

However, housing is back. Locally, home prices are up, up, up.

I heard on radio this morning that office parties are back, another sign of more than survival for many companies.

And CNN reports that today will be FedEx's biggest day of the year and possibly ever with 19 million parcels mailed.

Another good sign, I say.

So perhaps we won't make it to that fiscal cliff, as if the rich are getting richer, they'll be paying more taxes  no matter what. 

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