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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Google pays enough?

Google certainly draws a lot of interest with its high stock price, huge profits, and massive influence on everything related to the online world.

But that success seems to be driving a lot of people to target the innovative company, first for its alleged invasion of privacy for its street mapping/photography and then for its relationship with newspapers.

Then there was China and that country's insistence that it control what people can look at.

Now it is in Europe, where Germany is proposing laws to restrict what Google can let people see on their searches when it comes to news articles, by requiring payments to the newspapers. Big mistake, I think. Sure, Google is succeeding where newspapers failed, but if they make Google pay, then the search engine will not direct people to articles, and the openness of the web is its success. Plus, limits against Google can be turned into limits against others.

Then there is the issue of money, and officials in Italy are saying the company should pay more taxes, not be taxed higher, but they believe the company is not paying what the law requires. Same goes for the mayor of London, who says that Google and other technology companies need to pay more taxes.

Yes, it would be best if everyone who is successful pays more taxes, better for governments and elected leaders who like to promise things for voters, or rather citizens. But it's also natural for everyone, especially successful companies and individuals, to resist paying more taxes, as we all know here in America.

But these attacks on Google, one of the world's premiere companies, will keep company. It's just the price of success.



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