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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Right to work fairness

GOP leaders, led by Gov. Rick Snyder, said that right to work is a fairness issue.

Here's one part I don't think is fair, exempting the new law from police and fire.

Whenever right-wing types, who are accused of driving down labor costs and thus hurting the middle class, go after unions, they exempt police and firefighters, not wanting to clash with anything related to public safety.

But I've long believed, anything good for unions like police and firefighters is also good for teachers. Teachers often fall victim to political pressures of school boards, who fear single complaints that make the media.

So why do the changes to Michigan's labor laws, if so good for workers, need exemptions for police and fire? I'm not buying their answers because it to do with the disdain for spending money on public education and the resentment many in society have for teachers.

So let's not say it's being fair. 



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