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Monday, December 3, 2012

Remember the victim, but play the game

The key name to remember when it comes to what happened outside of Arrowhead Stadium on Saturday is this one: Kasandra Perkins.

She joins thousands of other names of people who were killed during instances of domestic violence. Her child, who she had with linebacker Jovan Belcher, is the one to carry the scars of his father's actions, shooting Perkins to death before shooting himself in the head.

People are wondering why. Was it the gun available during moments of emotional instability? Yes, that made it easier, but plenty of people are killed with knives, blunt objects, hatchets, hands, poison, cement floors.

Was it the head injuries the NFL linebacker suffered? Perhaps, well, possibly and perhaps likely. Was it the drugs and alcohol that may have used as part of a lifestyle or part of a regiment to battle the injuries. Possibly a factor?

Who knows why he did what he did. No one will really know, but there are bound to be signs that were ignored. Could someone have saved her? Likely, yes, but many  times, warning signs are ignored by family, friends, coworkers, the legal system, and, many times too, by victims.

One part of this story that I hate, the calls for the NFL or the Chiefs to cancel or postpone the game. I agree with the NFL on few things, its many stupid rules (see Thanksgiving), its blackout policy, its regular punishment of fans, but I agree the only things that should stop a football game should be related to fan safety... weather, terrorism concerns, stadium damage.

Too many people are relying on the game to occur: fans who travel and make all-day plans after ponying up big bucks for the ticket(s), people who work the game and, yes, even TV people. They pay for the game. Oh, and the fans who watch on TV, who are actually the ones paying the TV people.

When will they replay the game? On Monday or Tuesday? Is that enough time to heal? A week later, or at the end of the season, when the playoffs are starting? No,  you can't cancel a game.

Plus, what then constitutes a tragedy? One player plus another person? One non-starter and two other people/ What if one is a child, does that count as two people? What if it's a former player, who was real, real popular? That's what pre- or during-game moments are for.

And I like how Kansas City executives handled it, from what I heard, honoring all victims of domestic violence, such as Steve McNair.

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