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Friday, December 14, 2012

Prayers, community grief

What a day.

It reminded me of the Virginia Tech shootings, when news lingers for hours that one or two were dead and then the update came... dozens killed.

Today, it was two or three dead for hours. Then headlines trickled out that a dozen or so had died, but minutes later, CBS News reported 27 had been killed.

One is enough, but something about such a large number... it was numbing.

Then came the flood of grief, the occasional look at gun issues and anger at individuals who do such things. Also, there was some talk about mental health and helping those with mental illness.

Because you have to be crazy to something like this right?

Or is it evil?

Whatever it is, many find their solace in prayers and sharing grief, nowadays online using social media. It has been, I hate to say, a relief to see at shared grief online, where before 9:30 a.m., the divide remained as strong as ever.

But besides sharing grief, what can we do to stop this? We cannot live this way as a society.



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