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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Someone walks into a police station

Yes, the person walks in, sits down and talks to investigators. And now we've got breaking news. It's of course about Bashara. It's about an accomplice, maybe. It might lead to an arrest.

I just wonder where the punchline is as tv news people breathlessly try to report first that the husband has been charged. He's FAILED a polygraph, which is inadmissible in court. How do you fail it? Usually, people try to play with the polygraph (medication, for instance) and they don't get an appropriate reading.

I'm pretty sure the police are not letting themselves be quoted that he failed the polygraph. However, leaking such things may rattle a cage or two.

To me, what's most interesting is that he took the polygraph, which could mean he's telling the truth. No lawyer wants his client sitting in front of a police polygrapher, as usually they pick their own and submit the results, if they take that route.

How about we hold on a minute, bury the poor woman and see what's what. Usually, it is the spouse. Usually. But they don't charge without evidence and once they get that, we'll see what is what.

I just can't stand the blind speculation and the need to fill this void. It's like children and Xmas and JUST WAIT UNTIL IT'S CHRISTMAS!


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