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Monday, January 30, 2012

Homicide mystery keeps town abuzz

Another wife has fallen, this time Jane Bashara of Grosse Pointe Park.

The wife was found dead in her car in Detroit, and the husband, Bob, is suspect number one, or a person of interest, depending on who's describing it.

Basically, it seems when a woman dies and there's no immediate answer, it's the husband.

Stephen Grant tried to take the public, the media and investigators for a ride, but detectives were waiting for him to crack. His actions, right up to fleeing into the snowy woods in his socks, helped prove the case.

Mark Unger tried to use science to question the science that questioned his claim that his wife fell into a shallow part of the northern Michigan lake where her body was found.

And one of the cases that take the cake, Mike Fletcher, a Hazel Park lawyer having an affair with a Macomb County judge, tried to make it appear that his wife had shot herself, when in fact it was he, a jury found, who shot her after he learned of her pregnancy.

These are three of Oakland County's biggest spousal murder cases. But it's not always the husband and until there proof that he did it, Bob Bashara should be considered a grieving husband. An absence of another explanation is not proof that he did anything.

But once there is proof, get to the trial and subsequent hanging.


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