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Thursday, January 8, 2009


Having the right leader in place is the key to any organization's
chance for success.
Success can be viewed differently, even in sports. For instance,
whoever takes over the Lions will be required to win one game,
preferably by Halloween. Two wins and the season is a success. Eight
wins, and we're ordering street signs.
In Cleveland, the team hoped for a return to the playoffs for the
Browns. They stunk, the coach got fired and now the Browns are
bringing in the former NY Jets coach, Eric Mangini.
That was quick, and it is little disheartening for Lions fans to
think their team will sleepwalk AGAIN through the search for an
effective leader. Last year, the Dolphins squeaked out an OT win to
avoid becoming the first 0-16 team. Quickly, they hired Bill
Parcells. They made the playoffs this year.
Now, Michigan will soon need a leader and one man is stepping up to
offer what he can, L. Brooks Patterson, Oakland County's wildly
successful executive. Low taxes, high property values and a well-
balanced budget are keys to his administration.
Sounds like a winner.
So even if the Lions don't find a leader put get into the winning
column, at least Michigan residents will have the opportunity to hire
a man who does not stoop to low-level fights over gay marriage or
other social issues that have little or no impact on what matters
most in this state: the economy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: "social issues that have little or no impact on what matters most in this state: the economy."

Stephen should read chapter 2 of Gov. Huckabee's new book "Do the Right Thing" to understand how utterly ignorant he is of the direct economic impact -- increased government spending, bureaucracy, police, taxes, etc. -- in direct proportion to the ongoing decline in individual self government that results from a decline in moral values, religious faith, children raised in intact households by mothers and know, all those "social issues" Stephen disdains.

January 8, 2009 at 12:53 PM 

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