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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Parker and the Marinelli

Of course, with Christmas and the holidays here as the playoff
approach is a good time to bring some humor to work. Didn't work for
Rob Parker, though, the Detroit News sports columnists, who is well
known with sparking debates with his abrasive style.
However, his repeated joke about the choice of husband by the Lions'
head coach's daughter didn't go over too well on Sunday, nor on Monday.
Too bad.
Rod Marinelli has more important fish to fry instead of worrying
about whether he's insulted by questions asked of him by the press.
If that is what he cares about, then he'll have plenty of time to
fret when he is formally released from what is the worst football
season ever. Relieved of that duty, he can opine all he wants about
Parker's style, decisions or point of view.
Until then, he should worry about one thing and one thing alone,
winning a single football game.
He should have known that his decisions will be evaluated and
criticized. He should also have known that a decision to hire a
FAMILY MEMBER will be further scrutinized. If he didn't know this,
someone in the Lions organization should have shown him a computer, a
Web site, a blog and then directly told him that he should not bite
when his daughter's choice in husband is commented upon.
Hiring a son-in-law to run a defense for a team that has not won a
football game this season and has given up 42 points to a team not
making the playoffs and missing one of the best backs in the game is
asking for criticism to be backed up to your front door and dumped
out of the truck.
Too bad, but the Lions will lose in Green Bay because their
leadership has long ago stopped worrying about its business and day-
to-day operations. Instead of worrying about the product they present
to the world, they are worrying about what is being said about that
If Marinelli is really annoyed about what people think, he should be
worried about being known as the worst coach ever in the NFL.
It may not be true, as Lions fans will quickly rattle off five worse
coaches from their own team, but the numbers won't lie and they'll
point to failed leadership guiding the worst campaign ever.
In the end, Rob Parker's question and bad joke are a smile and hello
compared to the insult that this Lions' season has been. I'm glad Mr.
Parker asked the question, and I would like to hear an actual answer
and explanation as to why Marinelli's son-in-law is allowed to
continue to lead this pathetic defense.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree wholeheartedly on your Marinelli/Parker comments! When one hires a relative to perform an important function within an organization, and then the relative fails miserably, the person who did the hiring should brace himself/herself for a series of backlashes!
No, Rod, the problem is not with Parker. The probelm is with your 0-16 record and your son-in-law's soft defense! Stand up, be a man, and admit the errors of your ways, instead of trying to deflect the focus to a reporter.

Good work Mr. Frye!

December 28, 2008 at 5:13 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marinelli was a fool to take the Lions job to begin with. And whomever they hire to coach them next season will need to be a person with very low self esteem and lacking any real value system. I cannot imagine how anyone would want to work with Wm Clay Ford who has proven time and time again he hasn't a clue about what or how successful football organizations are built.

I wonder how many years it has been since the Lions have had a successful season. Making the first round in the play-offs in one of how many seasons is not acceptable or considered successful. If memory serves me, I believe the last time the Lions had a successful season was well over 50 yrs now. I remember the Buddy Parker - Bobby Layne era (when football was not a game of primadona's and millionairs, but teams and players making very little money.

In the 50's the lions dominated professional football with willing players like Layne, Doak Walker, Leon Hart, Clois Box, Bob Hunchmyer - the list goes on.
It was truly a joy to watch the Lions and Browns play each other (on a black and white round screen t.v.) Layne and Otto Graham had a true rivalry. They had something most professional athletes lack now....that being PRIDE. (Not selfish, self serving self centered attitudes) Sorry for my spelling errors but I am too lazy to look up proper spelling of some words.

December 31, 2008 at 1:58 PM 

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