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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Santa in the police blotter

Today, this headline crossed the wires: Big cat bites Santa during photo shoot at NJ store.
What I thought of first was another Santa crime-related story that crossed the wires last Christmas, involving a woman giving an inappropriate tug to Santa, prompting prosecutors to charge her with a sexual assault. That was somewhere in the northeast and this cat bite occurred in New Jersey.
This Santa was helping raise money for an animal rescue league, posing with pets, when the large cat -- some speculated it may have been a cougar -- was placed on his lap and he was bitten and scratched.
They don't know what the animal is because the owner and cat took off, prompting another police mystery.
However, this is a good Santa, as he is willing to endure rabies shots, preferring no harm to the animal, calling it a "beautiful animal (that) was naturally scared."
Nice Santa.
Wonder what the other Santa, from last year, thought.


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