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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What is up with Michigan?

OK, a tackle from the University of Michigan looks to be the top pick
of this weekend's NFL draft.
Not much other good news coming out of the state, though Jake Long
now faces the possibility of being labeled a major bust, part of what
happens when you are number one.
The rest of the news is still downright horrible.
Forget the fiasco with the delegates not being seated because our
state's party leaders lacked the foresight to see the value of a
later primary and a need to work with the national party. Who are we
to tell national leaders how to manage their programs, when we cannot
even keep our own house in order. Just look at the mess we have here
in our mittens.
We are tops in unemployment, near the top in prison spending, our
baseball team is near the bottom of the American League standings,
and, according to the Michigan Women's Commission, we rank 47th in
pay equity.
In Michigan, women earn 69.8 cents for every dollar earned by a man,
prompting women's groups to take their complaints to Lansing. (Good
luck, seems like problems only go to Lansing to get made worse.)
Of course, the high unemployment is not helping this matter, as
workers are seemingly at the mercy of employers to keep the jobs that
they have.
A better economy would improve the job market, giving employees more
power in seeking better-paying jobs.
I'm not sure how legislation would police this, but it is one more
reason for leaders to focus their work and energy in improving the
When will we get any news that is really good, meaning an improved
quality of living for residents of this state?
I'm not holding my breath.


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