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Friday, April 4, 2008

Smile with spring

Here it is, finally.

It was a long winter, darkened with a seemingly non-stop barrage of
bad economic and tiring political news. The Lions sank like a stone.
This weekend, we should have our first fabulous spring day, highs in
the 50s and 60s with sunshine.
And that is the best news of all.
Sure, the Tigers are 0-3, the Lions are readying to ruin another
draft, and the Red Wings are poised for trouble, having won the
President's Cup.
So why not take a trip to the Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak, leaving
Gorcyca versus Perry, Granholm versus the economy, Hillary versus
Obama, and Bush versus the media behind for a while?
Yes, there is spring work to be done outside. Yes, a new Stones movie
is hitting theaters. Yes, the top four teams in the nation are
squaring off Saturday night in the Final Four.
But I'm eager for fresh air and sunshine. So I'm getting the double
stroller out of the minivan, grabbing a plastic bag with the leash,
and I'm stepping outside with no jacket.
Next week, the Dow will still bounce, the economy will continue to
stumble, and Democrats will debate whether Hillary should remain in
the race. But that is far off and a distant consideration.
And just in case it becomes a classic, I'll DVR the Final Four.


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