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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What's next?

Ok, it's been a spring-into-summer news period for the world.

Will there be any rest for the nightly news anchors, the cable news hosts, or any other face of the news who has to travel to every big story, I wondered last month.

Yes, there was. And then came and went the Weiner story, a nice rest from the real news of tornadoes, earthquakes, crumbling economies and ecosystems....ok, I added the ecosystems for dramatic effect.

I count the Arnie and Weiner stories together, they came and went at the same time and almost at the same pace, climaxed by the hurried following of Anthony Weiner to his presser announcing his resignation. But like Arnold in Terminator, He'll Be Back. I'm sure of it.

His sin is forgivable and he had a lovable, though creepy appeal. Why? He stood in there and took it for so long. He answered the questions early on, over and over again.


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